Friday, May 16

beach bod time!

Here it is ladies--the 30 Day Plank Challenge!!  I'm totally jumping in on this one.  It's quick, it's sudden, and I'm springing it on you all at once.  

Here we go...

Every day you hold a plank for the amount of time suggested on the 30DayFitnessChallenges website, until you're able to hold it for 300 seconds or more!  Click the 30DayFitness link to see instructions for how to do a proper plank exercise.  Continue to do it until you see results.  Prettttty simple.  
I really want to tone up and boost my core muscles, hence the plank. 

I also want to potentially combine this with their 30 Day Squat Challenge as well but, I'll keep you updated on that. :)

How's that for inspiration?!

Alright girls, for those of you who are preparing to fit snugly into your wedding gown this fall (that's me!), wanting to get back into shape, prepping for swimming weather and beaches, looking for a hobby (ha!), well here ya go!  

And if you have an excuse, it's probably not a good one.... I just did two 20-second planks at my office desk...yeah.  Seriously. 

Ready, set...plank!!

Thursday, May 15

be his sunshine :)

:: palazzo pants--Maurices, tank top--Maurices, wedges--Toms, sweater--borrowed :) ::

This month marks a little over the half-way point for my fiance and I.  Words cannot begin to express just how much I miss him, nor how hard it is trying to be strong and positive while he is away.  

I'm thankful for my understanding man that is occasionally (maybe more than occasionally) subjected to my Skype tears when we talk and I realize just how much I miss him.  

He has sent me over eight hand-written note cards in the three months he has been gone, a Blu-Ray Rodgers and Hammerstein DVD set, and an email every single day with the words "I love you" always somewhere in his message.  And all the while he works.  He sometimes puts in 17-hour days and yet he still takes the time to call me up every night.  

Every day we can choose to see the good or the negative, the happy and the sad and believe me--there will always be both.  I don't know much about being "Army Strong", but I know I want to be strong for my man while he is away and choose to be that positive ray of sunshine in his life when he calls me.  When life gets tough or we've had a bad day, we all want that one thing or that one person that can just cheer us up and make us feel better.  Through realizing this I see that I have the power and ability to impact my man for the better; to make him stronger and always be his cheerleader.  Negativity towards my own day-to-day duties makes me feel quite selfish when I realize how much he does and goes through.  

My new goal is to not only pray for my man daily, but to choose to live positively, slowing crushing negativity whenever it creeps up and choosing to live more in the joy of the Lord.  

Go be a blessing! ;)

Monday, April 28

(Chocolate-Banana) Brownie Batter Oatmeal

(Chocolate-Banana) Brownie Batter Overnight Oatmeal. I got the recipe from the link below.
Replacing the Greek yogurt for Silk brand Coconut Milk (Regular flavor), and the sugar for liquid stevia, I also used additional oats instead of the whey protein powder. Fun to make, easy to eat.  I love oatmeal so this was a fun twist. 

Friday, April 25

Friday Favorites: Fitness Edition

Friday Favorites: Fitness Edition

Happy Friday ladies!  

Here it is, my "Friday Favorites" spin on my current, favorite health and fitness products and foods.  Enjoy!

1.  My homemade Banana-Chocolate Breakfast cookies (Gluten and Dairy-Free!).  I tweaked it from this recipe.  Might try to upload my recipe later. :)  

2.  Seriously, Coconut Oil is the bomb!  I use coconut oil to shave my legs, I use it on my face whipped together with shea butter, I use it in my baking (breakfast cookies for example), as an *awesome* sugar scrub, and I've used it as a creamer in my coffee.  You've got to check it out if you haven't already.  Plus, it's only about $5 from Walmart!

3.  I'm trying to limit my sugar intake, but most sugar substitutes are even worse for you than the regular white processed sugar.  Truvia and Stevia are my healthier alternatives when I need a little sugar in my coffee.  If I'm baking though, I just use honey.

4.  My laptop has been my personal fitness trainer for the last month! (LOVE this site) has a ton of free fitness videos (8-min Ab workouts, Pilates, Yoga...), all without weights!  No gym membership needed, and no extra time taken out of your day driving somewhere to workout. :)  It's a total win!

5.  Yoga shorts!  Because you have to wear cute things that make you feel sexy when you workout.  It's practically a must. ;)

6.  Don't forget the mat!  I'd recommend comparing prices and checking Amazon first.  I bought mine at Walmart but I noticed several that were cheaper later on Amazon.
It's nice to have a little routine.  When I roll out my yoga mat, I know it's the signal to my brain to stretch or workout--plus it's comfier than the floor... 

7.  The Planter's brand, Deluxe Pistachio Mix, is my favorite go-to snack!  I keep a container of them on my office desk whenever I get the mid-meal munchies.  

8.  Water, water, water.  Everything about H20 is a total win for your body.  Your skin will thank you, your hair, your bones, and your belly (you won't get as hungry during the day, meaning less junk food cravings).  I also believe that water can help cure many diseases.  You have nothing to lose by drinking water...unless it's extra fat!  ;)

What tips can you share for getting/keeping fit and healthy?
I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, April 21

Operation Wedding: Centerpieces

Good morning ladies, and Happy Monday!  I hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday/weekend, with friends and family.

I'm about 6 months out from my wedding, and I'm happy to say that I've been flying through my list of things to do before the special day.  

For those of you who enjoy crossing off accomplished tasks on their "to-do" lists, I definitely recommend, "The Knot Book of Wedding Lists" ($7.53 on Amazon!).  The Knot website, just in general, has great tips, ideas, resources, and printable checklist for free, that you can use in preparing for your wedding.

I'm currently drawing inspiration from the picture at the top of this post--my wedding colors are gold and pink, so it's perfect!

 Right now I am surfing Amazon and Ebay for mini tea light votives--these have a fun vintage-y feel to them.

Loving the baby's breath, and I feel it's pretty affordable.  I think that a sprig of baby's breath, here and there, with the roses that I want to put in the vases, would look very light and romantic.

Are any of you ladies prepping for a wedding??  Or maybe a friend is planning a wedding that you are assisting with? :)

I'd love to hear how it's coming along!

Tuesday, April 15

the ring.

After some adjustments that had to be made in Fremont, Michigan, I was thrilled to receive my engagement ring in the mail yesterday, and put it back on my finger!